Rest Until It's Done

What I'm doing right now to rest and recharge: 

  • taking a bath in the middle of the day
  • going to bed early (so early) 
  • letting myself dive into my latest obsessions (like this album)
  • being vigilant about my vitamins and nutrition
  • watching every Masterpiece show by the BBC I can get my hands on
  • reading Agatha Christie mysteries
  • reveling in housekeeping and ordinary tasks
  • being really present with my kids
  • having tea with them every afternoon
  • keeping my body really still, or even horizontal
  • gazing out windows
  • sitting in those patches of sunlight and letting them soak in
  • letting the quiet keep me company
  • telling myself over and over, all day every day, "It's okay. It's alright." (repeat, repeat) 

I'll know I'm done resting when: 

  • my moments of energy turn into stretches of energy
  • the words come back
  • what's wanting to be made appears like a fire at my back and doesn't let me go

Thanks for being patient with me while I swim in the deep and quiet over here. I'm doing my best to be patient, too.