New Camera

my living room and dining room, Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm film

I've been thinking about this camera for months, saving my Christmas money and adding to it while I deliberated.  I don't know what got me, exactly, but I loved the idea of getting to take 120 degree photographs without distortion on the edges.  (The camera does this by actually swinging the lens from one side to another.)  The panoramic dimensions are such a good fit for online display--it's enough to make me want to design a new blog header every week.

basketball, Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm film

It's fully manual everything, with more options and settings than my trusty Diana+, so I'm experimenting big time and memorizing parts of these charts every day.  There are more wide views where these came from, so stay tuned for a whole lotta panoramic love to come.

church on a corner, Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm film