New Online Courses at Brave Girl University

I'm so excited that Brave Girl University, a Netflix-style platform for soulful and creative online courses, opens its doors tomorrow. It's an honor to be a part of the more than 80 teachers gathering for this new work. You can have access to all kinds of learning--from step by step projects to deep wisdom for living--all for $24.95 a month. 

While one of my classes shares its name with a live class and handbook I've previously made available, all these videos are from the NEW wisdom I've been gathering around this topic in recent years: The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls. The title umbrella it falls under is the same but the content here is all new.

The second class I've created is an unedited guide for vulnerability: How to Be True (and Live to Tell). It addresses the challenges we bump up against when we create close-to-the-heart work or when we are making room for our more tender places to be seen and heard. Both courses are right at the forefront and edge of where I'm working and living--filmed in real time from the road on our Summer Tour.

If you enroll before classes start tomorrow, there's a special discount on the Brave Box optional add-on that brings exquisite supplies to your post box every month to inspire and support your learning.

There aren't many organizations I would be this proud to partner with--my friend Melody Ross and her team at Brave Girls' Club works with so much heart and integrity that I've been dreaming of working together for awhile now. I'm so happy that time has come and I invite you to join us there, knowing that it will be all you hope for AND MORE.

Learn more and enroll here.

New Writing Series: Creative Cycles and Seasons

There's a new writing series up for fall! One thing that emerged really strongly when I was going through my archives was this attempt to observe, name and navigate different seasons and cycles of my own creative work as I moved through them. You can find the series here.

The Success Carrot, and a new writing home.

I'm pretty excited, building out the Indie Kindred website with supporting resources for indie makers. For now that means a new article department that will have writing across three themes: inspiration, creativity and connection.

The first article is live--with an excerpt below. If you're reading this via RSS, you will really want to subscribe on the Indie Kindred site to receive new articles or video shorts as soon as they are posted, straight in your inbox. I can't wait to get more posted soon--I have some seriously good reads in the works.

And I want you to have the best of the best--to not miss a thing. (So subscribe, if you haven't already!)

Chasing the Success Carrot

One thing that comes up again and again in my conversations with friends and colleagues is the way it is so easy to project a feeling of success onto other people. We see their outward accomplishments and imagine them: pleased, satisfied, and finally without a care in the world. We think, Here is someone who has had the Big Success Moment. Surely feeling Finally Okay Now and Peace at Last must follow.

Here's where it breaks down.

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Ch-ch-ch-changes, and a New Writing Series

photo by Justin Davanzo: with Liz Kalloch in Portland

photo by Justin Davanzo: with Liz Kalloch in Portland

Hello hello!

So many exciting things happening over here--I wanted to tell you all about them and also let you know if there's something you need to do (there might be) to keep reading all the good things I have to share. Read on!

Instead of an intermittent blogging format, I'm going to start sharing writing pieces in clusters, as curated series that will rotate every 4-6 weeks. You may notice when visiting my website that the Journal tab is gone and the Writing tab will take its place. Some of this writing will be new, some will be encore pieces from my journey, as with the new series, Pioneers. (Go read it!)

Other writing has been going out to the inboxes of those who are subscribed to receive updates from me, including stories and resources for the off-map journey. If you haven't been receiving my latest series on Voice (featuring the Finding Your Voice course), then you'll want to subscribe below so you don't miss a thing. 

Next week I'll have one more update about where I'm writing, but for now I want to say if you're reading via RSS you may want to click through to the site and subscribe to the inbox delivery so you don't miss out. This page will no longer be used for my writing main page.

I hope you enjoy the seasonal writing series, and in other news:

Places I'm Finding Myself

In the softest stretch of skin across his forehead.

Under layers of soft cotton, flannel and down.

In a hotel lobby that looks like the future.

In the invisible wilderness Miles Davis maps out with his horn.

Around thick wooden tables in pubs with my friends.

In every trace of emotion that plays across their faces when they tell me a story.

In the missing, and the miles between us.

In the way she smiles when she tells me she's feeling sunny these days.

On the subway stairs when my feet slip, and on the handrail that steadies me.

In the kitchen after dark.

In black or blue or maroon ink as it grazes across the page.

In the sweet relief of sleep, and whatever dreams may find me.

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