When You're Holding Dynamite: Emotionally Charged Stories and Memories

What do you do when you're holding a story that feels like dynamite? Today's Finding Your Voice video podcast kicks off the conversation. Chime in with your own thoughts, observations and questions here in the comments, over on the discussion board, or on the site's new Facebook page.

Finding Your Voice Around the Web, Part 2

Self portrait, Miel Patisserie, PhiladelphiaThere is oatmeal cooking on the stovetop and an Easter Egg Edition game of hide-and-seek happening all around me, but I'm jumping on this morning to say, Thank you. Thank you to all of you who added the Finding Your Voice button to your websites, to everyone who has sent me encouraging notes and comments, and to all those below for hosting giveaways, interviews and sharing Finding Your Voice with their own communities. (You can find last week's highlights here.)

There are a few more interviews coming soon. It's been really interesting for me to hear what questions people have and speak into them, and to connect with some of the people I enjoy so much online. But for today, please know I am swimming in gratitude, and that I appreciate so deeply all the ways in which you support my work.

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Dandelion Seeds and Dreams

Retrieving Autobiographical Memory

Here's a Park Slope-ish sight: toy animals on the bar at Perch. Grab a Guinness during sing-along hour, if you are so bold.

The girls are home for Spring Break right now, so my studio time is scarce. But I put together another Finding Your Voice video podcast about excavating memories from the cobwebs of our minds. This is the second part in this series of FYV bonus conversations.

Finding Your Voice is self-paced, so it's never too late to order it and chime in on the FYV Discussion Board. You can also let us know your best memory-retrieval moves in the comments. In the video I mention Dan Siegel's book, Mindsight, which you can find on Amazon.

Finding Your Voice Around the Web

Esselon, Hadley, MAHere are some places online where you may have bumped into FYV recently. Follow the links below to read more about the course, hear what participants have to say, check out interviews, or enter to win your own Finding Your Voice multimedia course.

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Journey Back to Self

Thank you all for your support!

Reading the FYV Discussion Board is my new favorite way to start the day--I want to thank everyone there for contributing to this conversation.

Critics, Credibility and Trust

In this extension of the Finding Your Voice conversation about critics, I take a look at what makes the words of some people more wounding than others. I'll also be available today on the FYV Discussion Board for Q&A.

This is the first in a series of video podcasts related to the Finding Your Voice multimedia course.

Participants: Log in and head over to the FYV Discussion Board, where you can click "Create New Post" to ask a question, continue the conversation or request topics for upcoming podcasts. The comments and stories from the FYV community are amazing.

A Little More Flow

playground fountains sans water

I could feel that familiar sensation last night of spinning and fretting while I watched my routine for today getting turned upside down. The weight of an inbox that's been procreating, unattended, all weekend, the list of things to-do mounting, the way I always feel in those moments like everything that needs to happen needs to happen this minute and simultaneously. I remember this sensation, I thought, and ran through all the words I have for it. Stressed. Manic. Wound-up. Operating with a Too-Small Margin. Over-stimulated. Weary.

Then I reviewed my remedies: a good night's sleep, some hot cocoa (that steamed milk is magic) and the Bare Minimum Game. That's the game I'll be playing today, while my caretaking duties here at home trump everything else for a day or two. And the world will keep turning, and the wound-up part of me will see once again that the sky is not, indeed, falling. That my control is an illusion and that life works best with a little less effort and a little more flow. I will breathe, in and out, and feel the earth supporting me. And be flexible. And flow.

FYV News: A video podcast series is coming soon here on the blog, featuring some Finding Your Voice bonus material and followed by Q&A sessions on the FYV Discussion Board for course participants. You won't want to miss moving our way through parts of this great conversation together--it's not too late to order your Finding Your Voice Multimedia Course.

The technical kinks are smoothing out over on the Discussion Board. Check in to say hello, to share how you found us, or what's already coming up for you--there's a new thread going there today. If you're having trouble getting logged in, just let me know.