Bits and Pieces

Photo: Proof that we had at least a couple blue sky days here in my neighborhood. Diana F+ with 55mm Wide-Angle Lens

I felt a small collective panic going around after the last post.  I'll take a moment to add a couple more thoughts about creative companions.  First, with only a couple exceptions, the people in my life who are friends of my work live far away, and like most of you I use blogs and flickr and email and the phone to stay in touch.  Out of the three women I met with last fall, now I'm only meeting with one of them.  These things change and flow. 

I'm flexible--I take what I can get, and I'm not picky, in that you don't have to be "a writer" to be my creative friend.  If Jen and I weren't having technical issues, we could share work via video chat, or just exchange digital images and files.  I've done some really nice phone readings of my new work.  But there's something particularly comforting about seeing someone in the flesh, something about being able to look her in the eyes and see she's dead serious when she says you're doing well, that I cherish.  Scoop this up if you can, but don't let it trip you up.  If an internet creative community is what you have, work it.  Find a way to deepen a connection.

Here's a random knitting update.  After completing the sweater, I made myself these (toast) and one of these (more yarn is on the way). I am honestly wearing all of them right now--even the one boot.  And I feel like magic. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for a Portfolio Project button to display on your own site, I wish I could say your patience paid off with something super beautiful and artsy and fabulous.  But this is the Portfolio Project, where we're keeping it fast and dirty and getting our work done without getting lost down rabbit holes, so it seemed fitting that the button turned out like this: To embed the button on your own site, copy and paste this code:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>. 

Many thanks to Justin for building that little cutie for us. The first issue of Voca Femina is live.  Go visit!  You can read my piece, A Voice, Untamed and submit some work of your own. Finally, a little gift to carry you into the weekend.  Here's a piece I wrote about the journey I've been on this last month.

Self-Care and Soul Work

Photo: The new sweater I knit for myself (design by moi). this
  • Knitting things just for myself.  When I put on a hand-knit garment, I swear I can feel all the love that was woven into each stitch.  It feels generous and luxurious and somehow affirms my value to myself--that I could be worthy of such labor.  I let this truth sink in to me with the warmth the wool holds near.
  • Listening to a mix CD from my sister on repeat, especially this song--which I admit I'm late to, but this chorus is my anthem for the week:
Don't worry you will find the answer if you let it go Give yourself some time to falter But don't forgo knowing that you're loved no matter what And everything will come around in time --Sarah McLachlan, Perfect Girl
  • Eating my magic chocolate chip cookies. This is the closest thing to a magic potion in my possession.  The dark chocolate chips are the most important ingredient--dark chocolate is a powerful thing.
  • Steeping myself in love.  Writing my dear ones or calling them or reading the notes they've sent to me.  Remembering I'm not on this journey alone.  Like a hot bath that warms you to the core if you stay in it long enough, I try to let their love soak in all the way.  Nothing to think about here, just the warmth to bathe in.