Let's Talk about the Closet

Photo: The adventures she takes me on, Diana F+Flirt their blog1megportrait Meg Brothers launch a linethe grand opening In her store (you can see me rocking them on stage here) stop by Meg's todayleave a commentyourMeg's shopIn other news, my friend, Karen from Chookooloonks is slated to be on Oprah today, and Brené Brown begins the I Thought It Was Just Me, (but it isn't) read-along over at Ordinary Courage. So much goodness in one day!

Restoration, Inspiration, Celebration

Photo: Bicycle cabs outside of Central Park

Restoration, inspiration, celebration.  Before playing the Portfolio Project game, I didn't feel particularly clear or strong in any of these areas, and yet these are among the gems I am taking away from this experience.  Listen below to find out how I traded in cracking the whip for a kinder, gentler way of working.  Tell us in the comments about how these things have shown up so far in your game, or which one(s) you are inviting into your strong finish.

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