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Hope Is

Hope is not wishful thinking.
Hope is not a kind sentiment.
Hope is not a pipe dream, a positive attitude, or a good intention.
Hope is having your feet firmly planted in a field of sorrow, loss, or heartbreak and
still believing that a harvest of goodness will come on this ground.
Hope is the willingness to choose action instead of despair.
Hope is planting seeds of love paired with the patience to watch them grow, in their own time.
Hope is the way that loving another person lifts her head and strengthens her back.
Hope is participating in each other's healing just as surely as we cause each other's pain.
Hope is something I am only beginning to learn.
Vote hope. Let's picture it together.
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The Midpoint Show and a Round-Up

Photo: Street Art from my neighborhood, Diana F+ with 55mm Wide-Angle Lens

For all the artists/writers/creatives who began playing the Portfolio Project game with us at the beginning of the year, we're almost to the midpoint of our 12-week game in which we create a focused burst of new work. It was so encouraging for me to show Jen the progress I made when I saw her over the weekend that I've decided to create a Midpoint Gallery Show here on this site, so you can assess for yourself what you've accomplished so far and have an opportunity to share your new work with this creative community.

This will be a little experiment with a larger gallery idea I'd like to do at the Portfolio Project's end. So line up your creations side by side or however they come together. Pick your favorite piece so far, or grab a camera and take a pic of all of them together. Shoot or scan your favorite, and send it my way (jen at jenlee dot net). Include a link to your own site, if you have one, and you're welcome to send a sentence or two about what your breakdown or breakthrough has been so far (they are one and the same thing, if you haven't yet noticed).

I will be so honored to show and celebrate your work with you. Who's in? In the meantime, here's a little round-up below of some of my Portfolio Project pieces I've shared along the way, including a few that have appeared on other sites.  (You may notice I started playing this game as soon as we came up with the idea, a couple days before I got it posted here for all of you.)  I also have my Diana F+ pictures, which are also part of my Portfolio Project, on my Flickr site.  There--I went first.  Now it's you're turn:  share the goods!

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You can subscribe to the Portfolio Project podcast here. To start at the beginning of the project, go here.

To Lay Herself Bare

Whether we're writing or shooting, we are always telling our stories. There is so much we are trying to capture--how it is, but also the feeling or the experience of the moment. With all of our digital tricks and tools, I can't help but wonder if our idealism isn't sneaking in to tinker a bit, much like a writer using her words to defend herself, her point-of-view or position rather than lay herself bare.
Shutter SistersThe Courage to Tell it Like it Is