Jan 2014 Scan_plants.jpeg

It happened in late November. Five months of touring with Indie Kindred just wrapped, and after two quiet days I was already impatient that I wasn't feeling rested, bounced back and ready to get ON with it, already. That's when Jolie pointed out, You know, Jen, you've been going full-on since Justin broke his ankle and leg . . .  in February.

That's when I realized it was going to take more than two quiet days to do the trick.

There has been so much in these busy months. Both adventure and togetherness, as well as time apart. There's also been a lot of living with small margins. If you can imagine all the ordinary things that fall behind, you'll have a good idea of what I've been doing ever since. Domesticity has been the ruler of my days.

But slowly, oh so slowly. What I missed most is a sense of spaciousness--in my living spaces, and also in my pacing and rhythm. I'm not so adept at down-shifting into lower interior gears. Often the only way to slow down is to find zero and start from there.

My therapist reminds me that spaciousness isn't something we DO, it's a way of being. This season for me is about reconnecting with the sufficiency of being, the power of stillness, tending the home inside and out and finding sanctuary there. 

All the magic and invention and wonder begin here, in the quiet. This month I invite you to join me there.