Some Day

Walking with Great-grandma, Lomo Chrome xpro 100 filmSome day the bus will remember

to pick your child up at her stop.

Some day you will wake

into an easy rhythm of a morning,

lyrics you've learned,

a beat with an easy sway.

Some day you will kiss your loves

and send them on their way with soft lips,

and this clenched knot your shoulders weave

with your neck and the fist in your chest

will be your daily companions no more.


Some day your heart will feel safe

inside these four walls,

you will inhale and exhale, let your hair

out of its restraints

and undress

as if no one is watching.

Some day you will feel strong and sure,

commanding the world to fall in line,

or at least reigning your power over the dishes

and winning the war against mildew in the bathroom.

But today is not that day.

Today you will replace the belt that broke

before your pants fall down

or show more than you desire

when you sit down.


Today you will leave the dishes and remnants

of all your living right where they are

and lay down, close your eyes and breathe.


You will stare out windows and sit

still while your insides spin.


You will walk and walk and walk

until the reality of where you now stand

hammers into you like a nail.

You will move and then stop

move and then stop

until today releases you onto your pillow

and into a dream of some day,

closing your eyes like hope,

like prayer.