Ritual & Rhythm: Interruptions

Hello friends! I'm weaving three different threads over here--the last round of edits for the final cut of Indie Kindred, details for our summer screening tour, and some apparel and accessory options to offer in conjunction with the film.

At times like these I need my self care rituals and rhythms more than ever, so I asked Caren McLellan Gazley (Ritual & Rhythm: A Guide to Creative Self Care) to send us some letters from the road as she takes good care during her own international adventures. Take them in like advice from a dear sister or a most kindred friend, and stay tuned for more Indie Kindred news and announcements to come.

Photo by Caren Gazley

Photo by Caren Gazley

{From Amsterdam}

I find it not too difficult to weave some practices of ritual into my daily life. At first, perhaps, there is the initial awkwardness of making something routine. Especially if it is not health related. But overall, once I realize the powerful impact it will have or the emotional stability it will reward, then I start working on implementing it straight away. 

Where it becomes a challenge for me is when my routine is interrupted. And this may sound crazy, but when my children were quite young, it was easier for me to have less interruption in my daily life because they had to have routine. Now, I am often all over the place with a routine. And so the challenges for keeping my rituals are sometimes tricky. 

I've had to come up with some strategy for problem solving those times when I get off balance and need to recover a sense of well-being, wholeness and health. I confess, I am still learning some of these moves.

The most important thing I've learned about challenging times when my rhythm gets knocked out of place is: DON'T STRESS IT!! This only makes things worse for body and soul. It might seem an obvious choice, and the more relaxed types amongst us figure these things out quickly. For those like me, who aren't naturally attuned to their hearts...it takes recognizing and choosing the opposite.


Caren McLellan Gazley is a soul care specialist and human rights activist whose work has led her to places like Mauritania and Albania. Still and L.A. girl at heart, Caren has deep wisdom drawing from her rich personal experiences about caring for yourself in the midst of parenting, partnerships, community and passionate work.