Quiz: What Kind of Creative Are You?

When a creative idea strikes, you think:
A. Great! Let me just finish up the dishes, the laundry and the taxes so I can get to the fun.
B. Another one? Awesome--that makes 5 today. Wait . . . what were the other four?
C. Clear my schedule--I must serve the muse until she passes.
D. A creative idea--who, me? Let me get on Etsy and see if someone's already made that--maybe I'll buy one.
E. No problem--I can rock that idea out with my right hand and cook dinner with my left hand.

A good-looking creative opportunity arrives in the mail box, but you already have a plate full of commitments. You think:
A. Whoa, whoa. One thing at a time. Let me finish the things I've committed to first. Then if I have time and energy left, I'll consider this new one.
B. It sounds like a great opportunity. You know, it reminds me of this other thing I heard about . . . I should go try to find that.
C. Mail? Honey, I don't check my mail when I'm immersed in a project. It'd be long past the deadline by the time I saw it.
D. No worries--they must have sent this to the wrong person. This can go in the recycling bin.
E. I've got to say, Yes, no matter how full my plate is. Opportunities choose us, after all.

A whole weekend opens up to devote to your creative work. You:

A. Clean and reorganize your studio. Now if you only finish the rest of the house, you can come back to this beautiful space and make something.
B. Go to the art supply store and lose yourself. You spend way more than you meant to, and come home with an array of things--you can't exactly figure out what to do with them or where to start. So you break out a crafty magazine and call up your girlfriend to chat.
C. Hit the pedal to the metal. You end the weekend wearing the same clothes you started with, feel weak from not sleeping or eating much, but look at all you got done! (Wait, is that a cold coming on?)
D. Go on a tour of museums in your area. There really is so much to see and admire.
Start your own film production company, because when are you going to have a free weekend to do that again?

When it comes to creativity, your motto is:
A. Everyone needs something to look forward to when the cleaning is done.
B. I must just be an idea person--I need to find an executor to do all these great projects!
C. Live on inspiration: nothing else matters.
D. Leave it to the professionals. After all, someone's got to be the audience.
E. If I'm not a little exhausted, I'm not really trying.

If you answered:

Mostly A's: You are a Dutiful Creative. If life were a meal, you'd consider your creativity is the dessert, and always strive to eat your vegetables first. Pacing and knowing how to say, No, are your strengths, but your creativity is more essential to your well-being than you realize. You need to learn how to fit your duties into a creative life, and not just the other way around.

In our upcoming workshop, Steady Burn: The Art of Creative Wellness, Dutiful Creatives will learn how to make creativity a more essential part of their daily lives.

Mostly B's: You are a Distracted Creative. With a hundred ideas shooting in a hundred directions, it's easier for you to think up creative projects than to actually sit down to do them. Ideas and inspiration are indeed your strengths, but if you learn how to drop down into your ideas and dwell with them, you could slow down enough to enjoy the other part of the creative process: making.

In Steady Burn: The Art of Creative Wellness, Distracted Creatives will find a way out of Idea Overload and into a creative practice that leaves them feeling restored, not strung-out.

Mostly C's: You are a Deep Diving Creative. When the muse finds you, you jump all in--fast and deep. Learning to ground yourself in you body and the routines of daily life, even while you're in periods of creative flow will stabilize your health, protect you against illness, and nurture your relationships.Support for your work among your loved ones will grow when they are not constantly in competition with your creativity for your attention and care.

In Steady Burn: The Art of Creative Wellness, Deep Diving Creatives will learn a model of care, not neglect, that will equip them and preserve their stamina for the long run.

Mostly D's: You are a Doubting Creative. You envy people who create things, but don't dare think the creative spirit applies to you. However, creativity is not reserved for some special club. Your own creative spark is what prompts you to admire the work of others. It's likely that by addressing your fears and finding the right medium or way in, you would enjoy making even more than you love admiring.

In Steady Burn: The Art of Creative Wellness, Doubtful Creatives will learn how to tap into the source of creative energy directly for themselves.

Mostly E's: You are a Do-It-All Creative.  You approach your creative work with the same ambition and vigor usually reserved for things like corporate ladders. Your ability to execute is the source of many a friend's envy, but your brutal pace comes at a price. Your health, relationships, and your ability to hear your inner guidance may all be compromised over time.

In Steady Burn: The Art of Creative Wellness, Do-It-All Creatives will find their way into their inner source of guidance and wisdom so their actions are purposeful and their path invites miracles.

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