Phil Gazley on anti-human trafficking, art, culture and more

Phil Gazley b&w.jpg

I confess: sometimes when I'm with my friends, I just want to enjoy being with them. But when I was talking with my friend Phil Gazley over morning tea during his latest visit to New York, he was saying such interesting things that I thought, I really should turn on a microphone. So we did, and now you can listen in on our conversation in the latest episode of the Retrospective podcast.

Phil works as an educator and coordinator of anti-human trafficking efforts. Human trafficking is one of those issues that is so heart-breaking and so global in scope that it can be really overwhelming. Understanding and supporting the approach that Phil and his teams take has been really helpful for us.

Phil also has interesting things to say about art and culture, working grassroots, commercialization and creative integrity and more. It's an important conversation, and I hope you'll listen here or in iTunes.