On Coming Home


I've noticed a pattern emerge when I follow what I now call Crazy Intuitive Hits, such as the idea for the Indie Kindred Summer Tour. I can often understand ahead of time just enough Reasons Why to say yes and get us into it, but it's not until we're well on our way (or even until we've reached the other side) that I really unpack all the Reasons Why we really needed it. 

We were crossing Utah for the first time when I realized one of those reasons.

Sometimes we need to travel a distance on the inside that is only possible by traveling on the outside. It's not going to happen from the living room couch. 

And I surrendered to letting every time and place and person move me, to letting myself be rearranged in whatever mysterious ways awaited. 

Today is my second day home. There are dentist appointments to attend and suitcases to unburden and nothing much to eat besides tea and fresh scones. But more than anything, there is a feeling of having changed and wanting our sweet home here to reflect that, to hold it and to be a safe harbor for another travel-heavy season ahead.

So the girls and I are rearranging furniture and clearing out all we have outgrown, all that has served its purpose and creating sanctuary, one box and shelf and cupboard at a time. I'm still waiting for more words to come and needing to pull photos off my camera, but those things will come. After the groceries.

I won't be here long! I'm off again in a couple weeks to the Pacific Northwest. Join me for a game-changing retreat on the Oregon Coast, or for an Indie Kindred screening in Seattle or Portland