Ever since Justin and the girls gave me this beauty for my birthday, I am a woman obsessed. I've moved my work station from the studio to the kitchen, just so I can keep listening while I work and turn the records over without getting up from my chair. I can't get enough of it--the sight, the sound, the smell of the vinyl. I keep listening to this crazy collection of albums I'm randomly gathering as I go about life in my neighborhood.

It's been awhile since I shared a new playlist here, and this seems like the perfect occasion. Be patient with the first track--it has an introduction of Dinah Washington singing at the Apollo Theater in a performance aired on television. So interesting. (Click on the word "video" in the upper left corner to watch.) These are just a few of the tracks getting serious airplay these days on the kitchen turntable. Enjoy!

Jen's Record Player Obsession Playlist