New Shirts are in the House

Honestly, I couldn't believe the stories I've heard about the shirts I made this year.  I wear mine when I write--it makes me feel brave.  I wear mine so often I need a second one.  Or my personal favorite: Sometimes people stop and their eyes tear up when they read it.

Didn't everyone who wanted one get one? I asked at Squam by the Sea. They said, No!  That's when I started thinking that I should make some more.

I'll spare you the details of how the shirts fit into my grand plan for infusing new ideas into the personal and collective consciousness, and say instead that they are a fun way to support my work and feel damn fine while you're wearing them.

It's my pleasure to announce that the Just Be True shirts are back by overwhelming demand, along with a new design: It's your story. Tell it. Find them all on the Merch page, with a variety of sizes AND international shipping options.  Help me spread the word, and enjoy!