Important Updates

The Common Man Store, Ashland, NH. Horizon Perfekt with cross-prossed Lomo 200 film.

#1: Merch

I have a few apparel items left from the Squam Art Fair, now available online.  It's not a full inventory--there are limited quantities and sizes of many styles.  But, there is a new color (Just Be True in black, or as I call it, NYC-style) and a few plus-size shirts available this time around.  Also, big sales on two of the items and an international shipping option, so head over to the Merch page and check it out.

#2: Integrate in the Rockies Retreat

After making a rearrangement with our accommodations, we're now able to offer a discounted rate on the Splurge Suite and a new rate for individual rooms.  So if you've been hoping and praying for that option, this one's for you.

#3: Local gathering and resources

I was originally planning on trying out some course work in NYC this fall with a handful of locals.  Unfortunately, the workshops and retreat that I have going every month this fall are taking all the in-person juice I've got, so I'm having to let that local gathering idea go for this season.  But, on the plus side, I've resolved my questions about the courses in question and I'm moving forward on completing some new resources sooner than I expected to be.  So stay tuned for an upcoming series of Voice and Story Resources.

I'm so happy to be back to working in my studio and making things.  Trust me, good things are a-comin'.