Iconic in the Making: Finishing Touches

Rejuvenate. Reconnect. Retreat. The home retreat tote, and a special delivery from The Chocolate Room.We're wrapping up our behind-the-scenes series today with the finishing touches before The Iconic Self launches tomorrow. (Tomorrow!!)

We knew a home retreat kit needed something to hold all the parts and pieces together, since it only took about two seconds for us all to imagine bits scattering throughout our homes and studios the way bits so often do. Then came the mini black tote, which made us swoon. It's the perfect size for hanging on the bedroom doorknob, for standing on the window ledge where you have your morning tea or on your nightstand. There's room to throw in your wallet, keys and phone and be on your joyful badass way.

Last but not least, as a Brooklynite I believe no retreat experience is complete without The Chocolate Room. Just a few blocks from my home, it's the Number One requested stop of all our visitors. And like The Iconic Self retreat, we found a way to bring The Chocolate Room to you, too. Sweet.