I like to make you things

A digital camera rests between a blanket of hands and a plaid skirt bed.

I don't mind it--being together this way.  Meeting over your morning coffee, on your lunch break at work, or in the wee hours of the morning when all is quiet.  My little home here on the web is hospitable and as cozy as one can be without a sofa.  And a pot of non-virtual tea.


I like to make you things, it's true.  Even though it's a little work, and maybe I worry sometimes if they will be good and if you will like them.  Even though I could be doing a hundred other things.  There's something about the thought of making things that can travel with you--stand guard on your nightstand or travel in your bag like a map--that brings me joy.

So, I know that the last project is still new, and still flowing through the mail system every day to your homes and offices, but Squam Art Workshops are coming and I want to have one more thing for you by then.  One more thing for those of you who are coming, and for those of you who are not, so I'm bustling and smiling like a busy little elf over here.  Making, making, making.  Trying to finish it in time.

Going from idea to completion in 5 weeks (that was my game here) seems a little crazy, but part of my wanting to do it is to see if it can be done.  (Don't you want to know?)  Sometimes I think we make Making more complicated than it has to be.  Write. Lay out. Print.  Lickety split.

What are you making more complicated than it has to be?  What miracles have you witnessed playing a fast and furious game?