Get Good Mail

Cover photography by Bella Cirovic,

Our second catalog is here--and it's a bit bigger and bolder than before. It's off to the printer now, and very soon we will have many many many to send out to mailboxes near you.

Some people have already signed up to get theirs--your enthusiasm rocks! But don't worry--it's not too late for you to get good mail, too. Simply jump over here to jot down your POSTAL mailing address (that's right--a real, live object to hold in your hot little hands) and we'll add you to the list. (And it's free. AND I will even send to you International Loves.)

We've had rich adventures together, my collaborator-friends and I. Seeing the collection we've cooked up in this last year really moves me.

This publication is a celebration of friendship and the magic of making dreams come true, together.

If you really want to make our day, help us spread the word so others can get good mail, too. If you want a button to share, you can copy and paste this code:

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