Finding Your Voice

What to say, what to say? Let's see. Ahem. It's here. Uh, surprise? Ta-da moments have never been my strong suit. But you have been so patient and gracious that I wanted to post this, even though I'm going to be in and out of the studio this week. The information below has a long-term home on the Multimedia Resources page, and this is the first in a series of resources that are currently in production.

Putting new work out in the world is so vulnerable--it's actually a salvation for me to spend this week under the covers with my unwell girl and back in the sound studio, so that I don't sit here and obsess over that one transition in the video that drives me crazy or the thousand ways I could tweak all of this to death. I do all kinds of crazy things to try to soothe the vulnerability, when probably all there is to do is to just sit with it quietly, hands folded in my lap and a quiet I hope you like it on my lips.

So. I hope you like it.

Finding Your Voice: A Voice and Story Course by Jen Lee


From the back cover:

There are thousands of books about how to write, resources about the mechanics of telling our stories. But before we ever open our mouths or pick up a pen, there is something to overcome. Debris to clear from our path. The question, Will it be worth it? to answer.

The time for finding your voice has come.

Let’s clear the way.


The first in a brand-new series, this resource brings material previously only available at in-person workshops and retreats right to your door. It arrives ready to enjoy a long life as a companion and guide--in your bag, on your kitchen table, working its magic through your hands into your heart.


This self-paced, Multimedia Course includes:

An Audio Learning Program, recorded in a professional sound studio, including the stories and insights shared in my Finding Your Voice workshop (CD, 52 minutes)

An Interactive Workbook in a resilient 3-ring binder with a full-color cover and over 100 pages of course material, black and white photographs, and countless exercises to walk you through powerful shifts and breakthroughs. Blank pages in the back give you the freedom to create more room to write wherever you need it.

A Handwritten Blessing from me to you on the workbook's front page.

Private Access to a course-specific discussion board on, where you can enjoy the company of friends who are on this journey with you.

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Common Questions

When can I look for my course resources to arrive?

The FYV resources will ship via Priority Mail within 2-5 days. If you do not receive your package within a reasonable time frame, please contact Jen to investigate whether a technical difficulty has been encountered.

Is this similar to any of the workshops or retreats you've previously offered?

This material was first developed as a workshop called "Truth and Consequences" at Squam Art Workshops 2009, then became part of the Companions for the Journey retreat in February 2010. It was later presented in a workshop called "Finding Your Voice" at Squam by the Sea in October 2010, and the workbook began as a pdf guide for that session. It was expanded into a fully interactive workbook in early 2011. Around the same time, the course content was recorded by Paul Ruest at Argot Studios in New York.