Film Stories: Being Seen, Part II

In so many ways, the making of Indie Kindred has mirrored what the film itself is about. It was born in friendship and conversation, and so many people helped make it better than anything I could have done on my own. 

It's vulnerable to ask for help--we all know that.  But imagine taking your first attempt ever at a movie trailer (which you can feel is not quite right) and showing it to your friend who has just finished showing his film at Sundance.

Imagine playing it for the trainers at the Apple store, who are so not your target audience, and looking out the window and pretending you are somewhere else entirely while it plays, so as not to climb out of your skin. 

Think of sending your first cut to other film friends--to a screenwriter in L.A. and someone who used to work in programming at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

It is so hard. 

And yet, all these people were able to reflect the work back to me in a way I really needed--so I could see where it was and where it needed to go. 

It was fine before. But it is so much better on the other side of a collective wisdom.

We must let ourselves and our work be seen to get there. 

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