Ch-ch-ch-changes, and a New Writing Series

photo by Justin Davanzo: with Liz Kalloch in Portland

photo by Justin Davanzo: with Liz Kalloch in Portland

Hello hello!

So many exciting things happening over here--I wanted to tell you all about them and also let you know if there's something you need to do (there might be) to keep reading all the good things I have to share. Read on!

Instead of an intermittent blogging format, I'm going to start sharing writing pieces in clusters, as curated series that will rotate every 4-6 weeks. You may notice when visiting my website that the Journal tab is gone and the Writing tab will take its place. Some of this writing will be new, some will be encore pieces from my journey, as with the new series, Pioneers. (Go read it!)

Other writing has been going out to the inboxes of those who are subscribed to receive updates from me, including stories and resources for the off-map journey. If you haven't been receiving my latest series on Voice (featuring the Finding Your Voice course), then you'll want to subscribe below so you don't miss a thing. 

Next week I'll have one more update about where I'm writing, but for now I want to say if you're reading via RSS you may want to click through to the site and subscribe to the inbox delivery so you don't miss out. This page will no longer be used for my writing main page.

I hope you enjoy the seasonal writing series, and in other news: