Love and Bravery: Not Just for Grown-Ups

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The apartment is sometimes unkempt and the meals aren't always locally-grown masterpieces, but these girls are well-loved. They swim in the kind of compassion and acceptance that isn't contingent on their compliance, their submission or silence. It's the kind of belonging that's there for them just as fiercely in their moments of struggle as in their moments of ease.

I watch them spring from this board and take dives I still can only dream of--they risk being themselves. They stand for what they know in their souls is right. And their hands are quick to reach out to others, whether they are falling off swings or fearing the worst.

LMUB 2.jpg

Their small hands are there for me, too, at the end of my day. Slipping into mine as we walk down darkening sidewalks or pounding out the gentlest pizza-making-massage-moves you could ever dream of.

Our love is a circle, and bravery is a dance we do together.



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Encore: Love Makes Us Brave

Photo by Bella Cirovic,

You may have seen Love Makes Us Brave in December, when it sold out lickety split. Maybe you are one of the people who asked if there would be another chance to get it, or perhaps you are just finding your way here for the first time. Whether Love Makes Us Brave is a new crush or an old longing, it's back for an encore.

(And it's even in time for Valentine's Day.)

This is a limited-edition design, so get 'em while you can.

Photo by Bella CirovicLove Makes Us Brave is a long-sleeved tee, red with white print. Runs pretty true to size.

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More Good Things Coming Soon (Tomorrow!)

Central Park

Hey, everyone--I'm just dropping a quick note this morning while I sip my second cup of tea and before I plunge into the day's projects. Today I'm doing some editing for The Iconic Self, which you can read more about here, and getting everything in place for the new shirt design to go on sale tomorrow. There aren't a lot of each size, because I decided to do a small limited-edition batch for the holidays on a whim. If you are totally in love with your Just Be True or It's your story. Tell it. shirts, if you need to bolster your courage (so many family visits ahead) or if you're just a little curious, stop by tomorrow at 9am EST to see what I'm currently living in. It could be just the thing for you or for someone you love.

A New Companion

Sometimes it's more than you can carry in your own two hands--the parts and pieces of your journey, the artifacts of your living. The things that remind you of who you are and the ones you can't survive without. Your phone, your keys, your cash. The laptop and the one particular fine-tipped pen that feels just right in your hand. The journal crafted by your girlfriend out of hand-made paper and the words--your words--coming to life in its pages.

Now all the things you need can get to all the places you need to go--the office, the coffee shop, that little corner of the house that is yours alone. Just fill it with your treasures, grab it and go. Let it be your companion as you venture out into the world, your gentle reminder as you find your way, always, home.

Just Be True Limited-Edition Tote

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Features large main section with small interior fabric pockets. Left side pocket is perfect for travel mugs and water bottles. Dimensions: 14" (W) x 12" (H) x 6.5" (D) Quantities are limited.


in Stanley Park, Vancouver

I dream of moving through days like these with something that looks more like grace and less like a stilted back and forth between bursts of cleaning and sound editing and cardboard box fort-building. I am wandering from room to room and task to task, trying to stay in my body while my idea factory is working at top speeds and I'm charting new terrain in the deep.

I know from experience that some kind of rhythm will soon emerge, even amidst the flow. Until then, here a few updates:

After a brief summer hiatus, the Merch page is back up and running, with apparel that's designed to be your companion on those days when you have to speak up for yourself in that meeting at work. When you're visiting your mother, your in-laws, or that person from your past who makes you feel like you're still 10. They are for the days when you need your courage close to your heart, for when you need to wear it Superman-style: tucked inside another shirt, where only you know it's there. They are for truths that are hard to live into, to soak in, to carry without losing along the way. I live in them, I sleep in them. I cook and I clean and I play in them, knowing that I need these words most of all and every single reminder brings me closer to the person I long to be in the world. I just made a few extras in case you need them, too.

Also, the introductory price for Finding Your Voice is almost over, with a significant increase coming soon.

AND, look for a new merch item here next week.

My birthday is coming up, which is a different experience every year. I'm feeling reflective about it today, and to be honest the last year has been really big and often hard, and in this moment the year to come feels daunting. It's surprising to feel so tender about it all, but I can't help but feel gratitude for this virtual home I have in the world, and for every day, moment, smile, tear, embrace, kiss, laugh, touch, gaze and step that I am blessed to partake in and to witness. For all the friends and companions who are with me every year, every day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A New Favorite in the House

There's a new favorite in the house!  I am living in these long-sleeved shirts over here, and this new Just Be True in deep heather gray--well let's just say I might never take it off again.  The studio is restocked with the sizes and designs that sold out so quickly before, including the popular loose fit style.

Since the holiday cheer is flowing, there is free shipping this week for every item on the Merch Page inside the U.S., and discounted international shipping.  It's a good time to stock up, splurge, to give and delight.  You may want your favorite design in short and long-sleeve so it can keep you covered all year long. 

Wrap the words you need around you and let them sink into your heart.