Can I Get A Show of Hands?

I mentioned that I'm deep in a production cycle right now that will carry through March, if not April (SO many good things coming you will not believe it), but what I haven't mentioned yet is that I'm dreaming of travels and gatherings on the other side. I'd like to do a tour next year, but I'm still listening for the details. I imagine we will go to several cities and host evening events that feature visual art exhibitions, storytelling, music and perhaps some live Q&A discussions. Also food and drinks and a good stretch of time just to be together among friends.

I haven't been able to shake this idea for months now, and even though I don't have the details hammered out yet I decided just to keep saying it until it's so. I've started dropping phrases like, Next year, when we're on tour... causually into conversations and spending time on Amtrak's site trying to figure out if I can weave my train-travel fantasy into the mix.

Then this morning I woke up and was again just daydreaming about this during my yoga poses and I was revisited by that small voice that still thinks only five people are reading, and it seemed like a good time to check in.

So, can I get a show of hands, real quick in the comments section or via the contact link above? If we came to your area for an evening event, would you so be there? Or are you dying to host us in your fair city? The dates and locations aren't finalized yet, so now's your chance to let us know where we should come and who will be there to party with us when we do.

Who's in?