An Upbeat Groove

Meg at Squam, June '10, Diana Instant+

It's not that I have anything against sad songs.

It's that I'm unable to use them responsibly.

In the short, dark days of winter, when you find yourself playing them, one at a time, on 14-day all-repeat loops--a thought does eventually wriggle its way into the gloom.

This probably isn't helping.

I don't generally make New Year's Resolutions, and I certainly don't make a practice of giving things up, but this year I said good-bye to sad songs, at least until I learned to be a responsible consumer of them. And I have to say, it's working. No more looping.

It did pose a challenge for me, though, because I quickly realized that the bulk of my music library fell into a genre that Andy and Colleen refer to as Sad Men with Guitars (though I would also add: and Women). So many friends and dear ones turned me on to great music in the months to follow. One of our favorite gifts was an Upbeat Mix from my sister, Meg.

I often struggle to describe Meg to people because they tend to assume similarities between sisters. But she's a bit of yin to my yang. She knows how to have a good time, she is hilarious and laughs with abandon. She reminds me that to feel light in the world is to feel blessed, that beauty matters, and so does feeling good--all along the way. (I know, I know--at this point people's expressions turn to disbelief, like, How could you be related to such a person and not have this magic rub off on you a little more?) She is patient with me and my baby soul progress in a way that even I find hard to believe.

So I'm wrapping up this week of playlists with an upbeat groove to send you into the weekend feeling light, feeling blessed.

Take it from me--this is one of Meg's best moves, and her companionship is one of my secret weapons in life. Head over to her site to let her know if she's brightened your day, and escort your elemental need for beauty over to her Etsy shop today as she unveils her new Spring Line in a few hours. (sneak peek below)

Meg's Upbeat Mix