A Video Hello, and a Quick Film Gear and Process Q&A

Before I dive into our very early Spring Break, I wanted to jump on and say hello. Here are a couple clips--the first is a brief update about how things go in my world these days, and the second is a quick Q&A about film gear and the process I'm using to build the documentary I'm working on, Indie Kindred.

I forgot to mention that I also sometimes used a Blue Snowball Microphone on older videos shot with the Flip camera. If you have the time and inclination, I think the best way to increase the quality of your short videos is to record the audio separately from the built-in camera microphone and then synchronize the audio and video afterward.

Missing you all like crazy, and my head is spinning with ideas of things to share with or make for you. Those things are going on a list, though, while I do my best to focus on the work at hand. 

Your patience and notes and comments mean so much to me--these things take work, and it helps so much to know you're reading and watching and traveling alongside.

I covet your feedback. Which do you most enjoy or find useful: personal story and journey updates like the first video, or practical behind-the-scenes tips like the second video? Or are you enjoying a mix of the two?