Photo: I'm going to miss my coffee friend while she's away for summer.  Diana F+

My head is spinning over here from the flurry of activity this week.  My project is heading to the printer today--more news on that next week.  Amelia's last day of school is today, so I'm going to do something to celebrate that last bit of freedom for me before summer. The urgency of a hundred little tasks has crowded out my writing time these last days, which is most concerning because so much is happening that I want to document. 

This afternoon I'll visit a quiet coffee shop without my computer, and in my little journal I will try to write down it all.  What I did, in what order, and what's left to do with target dates.  I want to remember these things for projects to come.  Production and design are two of my weakest links for sure.  If the tasks to come have target dates, maybe I won't feel like every single item needs to happen this very second. I just wanted to check in and tell you I'm still alive.  Check back next week for fun news!